One of those updates for no real reason


I've about rode the crest of acing my Accounting test to where the realization that I'm going to have to continue to study has set in.

I've been trying to make some headway on the revamped Spiritus employee website. is it really revamped if it hasn't existed before? The graphics and layout are to match the new look for the website. Ironically, the new look has been ready since May, it's just waiting on some proper content. And maybe some cool header graphics.

Along with the above 2 things, Westar/QinetiQ has been keeping me busy on the part-time front. Lord Ford has officially come on board to help me out. It looks like the project may be wrapping up in March, and depending on how myself and his Lordship tackle what's left my (or our) part may be finished in January. Although I'll miss the extra income, having some free time to do all kinds of things I've been putting off would be nice. Well, to do those things and not feel guilty about the work I should be doing instead :)

Thanks to an Amazon Blu-Ray sale, I've stocked up on some old movies that I either never got on DVD (Under Siege, Con Air) or never saw in the first place (Reign of Fire, Freddy Vs Jason, Postman). I'll probably get kidded for getting Postman, but I actually like Kevin Costner. Waterworld comes out next month on the sweet Blu-Ray, and I've never seen it, due mainly to all the bad reviews it received. But that was 12 years ago, tastes change! Plus, I liked Super Mario Bros, so how hard can I be to please?

This past Saturday I went to the bike shop in Madison and told them to start putting together the monstrosity of a bike that won't crumble beneath me. The parts were supposed to start arriving today, so I'm going to try and check in on them next week and see how it all is going. I need to order some big boy bike shorts to protect the unmentionables, too.

Enough of this blogging. Time to get back to some free time web development that I was talking about at the start of this.

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Stoodent in Scoo


I just got my grade for my first Accounting test I took last Tuesday. I made 100! I haven't forgotten how to take a test!

Charlie (not Chas)


There's a guy at work, probably in his late 50's, who, at least once per week, is bitching at somebody on the phone.

He reminds me of L.H. Puttgrass, self ascribed Pundit of the People from Bloom County. Charlie isn't just calling to complain to people on the phone, he's calling to make sure they know all the intricate reasons he's pissed off.

Today he's calling someone concerning annoying phone calls and mail from somewhere in Virginia received concerning a car his wife drives. His wife is living in Texas, and Charlie is working here in Huntsville. I'm not sure what the problem really is, but I can hear Charlie (who is about 50 feet away) telling the person on the phone that the car has always been for personal use only and that if continues to be bothered they will receive a bill for his time. He then quotes some federal case and a year, which probably has nothing to do with cars in Virginia. Next I hear from Charlie "I'm not going to give you her phone number, you're only going to harass her. She's taking care of a needs dependent child." 2 breath's alter he's rattling off 4 different phone numbers followed by "Do you want my cell phone number? I'll give it to you."

A month or two ago Charlie was talking to, I assume, someone at the Redstone Arsenal PX. The part of the conversation I paid attention to was around "..attitude was abrupt and disrespectful and I won't stand for that. I demand a reduction in rank and at the very least pay-grade." It seems Charlie had gone to pay for his purchase with a credit card which had been declined, and along the way didn't care for the manner in which his declined card was handled.

These are the types of conversations Charlie has. You can't help but listen to parts because (1) he talks so blasted loud, and (2) you feel sorry for the poor sap on the other end of the phone.

I hope I never have to call Charlie....


WoW Spam


I love me some World of Warcraft Spam to entice me to buy gold.

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“tryit” is the most popular code in the whole wow gold market! That must mean I have to buy it!

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No More Points


I've got a Visa card in which I get reward points like every other point system credit card out there. It's sponsored by Amazon so that I get triple points for Amazon purchases, double points for gas and groceries, and regular points for everything else. I've cashed in points for Amazon gift cards a couple of times. I noticed after my last cash-in a couple of months ago that I was no longer getting points added to my account, so I emailed the friendly customer service folk.

Dear Russell,

Thank you for contacting Chase about the rewards on your

You will earn up to 60,000 points per calendar year on net
purchases (purchases excluding returns and refunds). Our
records indicate that you have reached this cap and hence
no further points were earned on your account.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Kajal Shah
E-mail Customer Service Representative

60,000 point annual limit? Where was this written? It's only September!

No, I haven't spent $60,000 in 9 months. When signing up for the card they offered double points for the first 3 months (so at Amazon I was getting 6 points per dollar!) and I wholeheartedly took advantage of that. I also charge my day-to-day purchases and just write a check to the credit card company at the end of the month.

But now I've reaches my reward limit for the year and I feel like I'm losing money. Maybe it's time to find a secondary reward that fits my lifestyle?


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