Back to the workforce - marginally.


In June I worked 5 hours. So far in July, I have worked 3½

Today was my first "doctor allowed" day back to work since coming down with my post-surgical infection 2 weeks ago. My goal was to take it easy and work half a day. I'm going to round up and say I actually made it half a day.

It's weird how fast I will suddenly feel fatigued, especially given that all I'm doing is sitting in front of a computer or sitting and talking to someone. Luckily I can feel it coming and manage to not overdo it. Maybe I'm paranoid about overdoing it? When I got home from my 3½ hours of work, the first thing I did was take a nap for almost an hour. After Gina came by and changed my bandages, I ate lunch and then proceeded to take another nap, this time for 2½ hours.

3½ hours of work. 3½ hours of nap. I'll have to see if this ratio continues.


Civilization Here I Come. I Think.


Over the last 6 weeks I've spent most of my time at:

I also had an errand day at CVS, Target, and 5 hours at work. The point is, I've been home a lot. That's ok, I like home. The only shortcoming, to which I will admit, is that I don't move around much. I've gotten better to the point where it's ok to move around. With that in mind, I'm going to run some errands today.

It should take me about 3 hours to go and do everything. Nothing major, just dropping off/picking up a few things from here and there, but they all involve at the very least a trip to the Huntsville/Madison metropolitan area. So I'm loading myself up in the car in about 15 minutes and going to fund out how much of that 3 hours I can get through. Update to come!

If no update comes, check the news for "Large Athens man found unable to complete errands".

Quick Update: Survived my errands and made it back home, but didn't have time to do everything within 3 hours. Oddly enough, after 3 hours I was hot and tired enough that I was ready to come back home. I may try to make up that Target run that got left out in the morning, thus completing my errands and hopefully avoiding some heat.


Time for another update!


Yet another update to my surgical recovery that will never end. This update is not for the squeamish or anyone about to eat. Really, it gets nasty.

Sunday, July 1st I wrote that I was suffering from a fever and was planning on going to my regular doctor if I was still running a fever come Monday. I actually wrote that at 4:00AM. After writing that, I went back to bed.

5 hours later I awoke to find myself in the throes of a post surgical infection. When I went to bed I had a small spot on my right butt cheek that had been draining a little fluid. When I woke up, the left leg of the shorts I was wearing were soaked, as well as the sheet I was wrapped up in. I hopped up to take a shower to try and tell what was really going on, and the left side of my surgical incision was oozing. Not thick enough to really be pus, but something. In fact, after my shower I was oozing enough fluid it was dripping off of me. I was leaving a trail wherever I went.

I called Gina to come look and take care of me. We called the Dr office and got a call back within 5 minutes. The on-call Dr phoned in an antibiotic prescription and told us to show up at the office first thing Monday morning. I had asked about going to the ER, but Gina was against it, thinking it would be more likely I would pick up something else and they would just try flushing my wound out. The rest of the day we spent changing bandages and taking cool showers.

Monday morning at the Dr office he confirmed I did indeed have an infection. He pulled out a suction sucker from the wall and proceeded to suck out some fluid from me. A lot of fluid. And I mean a lot. When I looked at the sucker afterward, it was mounted to the wall about 4 feet high, and the tube went from the wall, looped fown to the floor, then to the actual sucker that was resting on the counter top (so, another 3 feet high). In that 7 feet of tube you could see the red pus/fluid/ooze he sucked out, and that's just what didn't make it all the way into wherever the wall takes it. Nasty.

He ended up cutting 2 holes in my butt. That's all I really know as I haven't seen it. Gina, on the other hand, got to see it, and has seen it twice per day since as she's come to change out dressings and just take care of me.

By Wednesday my fever finally went back to normal. By Wednesday Gina was able to change bandages without audibly gagging. For the whole week I stayed in bed except to go to the bathroom, fix/eat a meal, or sneak onto the computer a couple of times.

This morning we went back to the Dr and he said I was progressing nicely (I think I've heard that before). He wants me to stay home from work for another week. My right side needs more healing than the left (which didn't seem the case 2 days ago), so Gina has to keep changing out bandages and take care of me.

I feel sorry for Gina. She's seen a whole lot of my ass over the last 5 weeks. It's not a sexy ass. It's a post surgical scarred up ass. I'm going to have to start treating her better.

pilonidal cyst

Nyah, I'm Not Really Sick


As a follow up to last week I did hear back from the doctor concerning my question as to if I need another round of antibiotics since I had started to run a fever.


While that was a fine, succinct answer, I'm starting to have issues with it. I'm now on Day 5 of running a fever which is usually in the 99.1-100.7 range. Each night I go through a phase where I sweat through the sheets. My incision, for now, has finally slowed down on the high volume of pus (clear/light pink, so that wasn't a big cause for alarm). In fact, that's been within the last 24 hours so I hope that has been part of the origin for my fever.

Still, I'm not used to having a fever for that long. I can usually take an aspirin and my fever will subside after an hour or two. Not now. So, with that in mind if (when) I'm still running a fever Monday I'm going to head into Dr Mayer's office and get a second opinion from my regular doctor. If he too says I don't need an antibiotic and I'm healing like I'm supposed to, then I'll quietly keep on sweating.

Hope everyone appreciates the lack of pictures associated with this :)

pilonidal cyst

Now I get sick?


This Tuesday I started back to work for the first time in a month. I stayed at work about 2 hours before the combination of sitting discomfort and the fatigue I saw creeping up convinced me to head home and take a nap. Today I repeated, but stayed at work an extra hour. Something has felt off today - I just haven't felt right. I was chalking it up to a combination of being back at work and the doctor cutting off a little more dead tissue on my office visit Monday.

I left work and headed to the chiropractor (part of my normal Wednesday routine). I asked him to poke around on my pressure points to give me a little more energy, as I've been feeling more tired than I think I should. Sure, I'm steal healing and recuperating, but I believe in the power of pressure points! He pressure pointed me, which hurt in a good way, and I was off on my way. In this case, across the street to Sonic because I had that slightly queasy feeling that says "you should eat something." I ate, came home, and took a nap.

Yesterday I napped for barely an hour and felt quite refreshed afterward. Today I napped for a little over 2 hours and felt like crap when I woke up. I ached. Everywhere. Paranoid me notices this as the first step in having the flu. I took my temperature and instead of my normal 97-98, instead had 99.1. Low grade, but normally step #2 in my flue symptoms.

I don't really think I have the flu. I haven't been around anyone enough in the proper time frame for symptoms to be showing up now. After my doctor visit, my incision is requiring a little more maintenance, so I'm more of the mind the fever is to send little antibodies to fight something going on there. The doctor is in the office Monday and Thursday, so if I'm still running a fever in the morning I'll call and see if he thinks I need another round of antibiotics.

Now I think it's time to go take another nap.

pilonidal cyst

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