New DVDs?

Something's always on the way.

Although I don't get every new release, I've gotten pretty good at finding movies I like on sale. Here's what's been added recently.

Recent DVDs

Old DVDs?

I get them and then I keep them.

I started picking up DVDs in 1997 (Starship Troopers, if I remember right). Except for a few that even I couldn't watch all the way through, I've kept most of them.

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I've had some more people ask me about the true purpose of this page (or maybe just the DVD section?), so I guess it's time for an explanation.

I've been the usual source for most of my friends borrowed movies for a while, since I started collecting movies a long time ago. As I gained more friends and they found out about my little hobby, I would hear the inevitable "what have you got?", to which I would snicker and say "a couple hundred movies". Just to be a smart ass, I thought I would put my movie listing online, that way I could point friends to my list of movies that they could then pick out what they wanted to borrow.

But a page long listing of movies would be boring. I'm a web professional, after all. So I went a step further and made myself a little database. I nice, convoluted database. This way I could not only keep up with my movies, but I could categorize them and even keep up with who had borrowed which movie. At one point, I added a link to each movie to where you can buy it direct from Amazon (not that anybody would do it, but it's just a higher nerd factor). That started to confuse people, as I had at least 2 people ask if I was selling movies. Not wanting to confuse my friends, I took the Amazon links off. Nobody bought anything anyway, everybody was too busy borrowing from me!

So that's what all of this really is: An overly-complicated list of my DVDs.