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Obligatory #RIPPrince


The above screengrab epitomizes what I think of after over 30 years of listening to Prince. From the "Sign O' The Times" movie, 28 minutes in when he's performing I could "Never Take The Place Of Your Man" is The Guitar Solo.

There are plenty of guitar solos. Prince has lots of songs with guitar solos. The one from this song, and the version recorded for the movie in particular, is just full of soul. Maybe they're Guitar Soul-os?

Whenever a new Prince album would come out, back in the days when you had to go to a store and buy a tape or cd, Jer and I would get the latest Prince album on release day. Next would come the mandatory listening all the way through, then listening again to pick out the really good songs. Upbeat, uptempo songs were the quickest to grab hold, but the longevity of an album would depend on its funk ballads and how much soul was in the songs. Not R&B charts soul, but the music you feel deep down, that you feel but can't describe (or maybe that's what chart soul boils down to).

Prince's death has caused a quick resurgence in his musical popularity as everyone suddenly remembers him and buys up all of his stuff on iTunes and it's ilk. I too got caught up, as his last 4 albums that are on iTunes I had skipped. But I've always listened to Prince. I've ripped a copy of my DVD of Sign O The Times that sits on my work laptop, and there are days it plays on repeat all day long (the movie version has a slightly faster tempo than the cd, a guess because of the live recording, but I like its beat the best). There are days I can just hit "random" on the Prince list in iTunes and I'm good for days - at one time Jer and I had totaled up how many days it would take before a song would be repeated within our Prince collection. I don't remember how many days it was, but I know it was at least a week or two. It's got to be lots more than that now.

According to my iTunes list I've got over 800 Prince songs. There's likely lots of duplicates, lots of remixes, and there's plenty of songs I don't like to counter the ones I love. And Now, like everyone else, I'll fire up my Prince list a little more often over the next few days. In these days I'll likely pay a little more attention to the soul behind that guitar and those songs.

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