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Zombicide Invader: 3-Guy 2-Guns


A continuation of my Zombicide Invader Good Guys (I think) progress, as 2 gun thingies and 3 people thingies get checked off.

I really needed some color choice help on the guns. Even looking at what other people have painted, I didn't find a combination that I liked and thought I could pull off. As it is, I stuck with some simple colors hoping to not make things look too cartoonish, while still trying to keep the metallic look to things. I'd give myself a solid C on those.

For the trio of people, I found a black with red lining color scheme I liked for the clothes, and I had fun trying that out. I've done some similar things in the past, but this was the first time I went into with forethought and took into account not just she colors and shadows, but also the nooks and crannies where I was going to put the wrong color of paint while trying to get to another part. These turned into a weird balance of good and bad discoveries. I'm not sure what I did different than normal, but the skin was splotchy. For the (outer) black coats, I used a purple wash to try and bring out some shadowy highlights. That's a trick I picked up from all of the Batman cape painters on YouTube. For a first attempt at it.... not too bad.

I seem to take horrible pictures of minis with a gloss seal. Picture-wise the details seem to be covered up on these, but with a naked eye they're not that bad. or maybe I have a forgiving eye?

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