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The print and play files for Zombie Mall have been moved from the no-longer-active Workshop Games website over to Dropbox.

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End of Month Hobby Catch Up


This past month, yes, evidently I decided to take a month before updating anything, I finally got around to test painting some MDF buidlings. I mentioned previously about picking up some Micro Art buildings for Infinity on sale a few years ago. Since I'd likely not make use of a sci-fi setting that these buildings were meant for, they'd make for a great test for paint and construction of MDF.

I put together a few pieces to form a square and set about testing different spray paints. Tamiya Fine Primer (white and grey) worked perfect. Testors super quality model stuff was pretty good, but I sprayed it a little thick and it ran more than I wanted. Krylon primer was crap. All my Krylon paint has been crap. I then tossed all my Kryolon paint.

Next I dry-fit pieces together to see how this stuff worked. District 5 buildings are meant ot be taken apart and reconfigured as needed, but I was testing stuff and wanted to glue things. Gorilla Wood Glue worked well for me.

There were lots of accidents along the way. 3mm MDF can be brittle in big beefy man hands like mine, especially when trying to squeeze crap together. As it was, stuff broke. Not splintered into a bajillion pieces, but broken enough to be noticed. I knew this would happen, so it gave me an excuse to test battle damage painting on the building. I like battle damage painting!

The 2nd building was an Objective Room. The floor on this one had some interesting detail. The etching when the MDF is cut is deep enough that priming doesn't obliterate everything. To try and bring out some of the details, instead of painting after priming I went through with ink pens and basically played around. It's gaudy, but that's what playing does. In the end it turned out better than I thought.

The final bit of the month was 2 more figure expansions for the Walking Dead game - Tyreese and Lori. I'm trying to practice more non-caucasian skintones, and finally making an effort to give people eyeballs. Both of these need work before I'm anywhere close to average.

Next up is painting and constructing some proper MDF buildings. Some retail stores from TTCombat are on the way.

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