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Normally I have a quirky title or some kind of learning experiment to report on whenever I post a painted batch of minis. This time it's just something I learned after the fact. I like using contrast paints for fabrics, the translucency works well. The things I finally learned are that you really need an even coat of primer, and once a brush starts separating it's time to use a new brush - portions of the application of contrast paint are apt to dry faster, and following dips into the paint won't always get applied evenly. That's were my splotchy contrast paint jobs come from - some portions are drying faster while I'm still painting. Sometimes it comes across as shadows and shading. Sometimes.

I really need either an idea of a color scheme to use or a box/picture sample to work from. Some of the color combos I come up with are a little too reminiscent of showing I grew up with comics from the 70s.

I don't know if any of these minis have recognized names. Wheelchair Guy has a laptop I had a little fun with while using brush-tip pens. From tabletop distance it's just detailed enough.

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