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My skill level for miniature painting is definitely Game Table. My minis look ok from about 3 feet away. I have friends that paint much better than I do, and they motivate me to be better, but I ain't nowhere near as good with intricate details as they are. But I don't let that keep me from painting. I enjoy my non-computerized hobby.

The first half of this month got 12 more minis painted. Since Walking Dead's Rick on a Horse only had 2 minis (Rick and horse are molded together on the base, so I count them as 1 + the zombie that came with them) I added in one of the Chronoscape minis to round out the batch. Thanks to Rick's Horse and Ezekial having a tiger, I painted my first animals that I can ever remember. Appropriately, I'm not too sure how my paint schemes for those animals match anything realistic as I used plenty of reference painting pics and there was a pretty good range of detail in those. As it was, I tried stopping before I screwed things up too much.

Things I learned this time.

With my focus on Walking Dead minis, this gets us to:

Ever so close to wrapping up the Walking Dead stuff. 18 of the remaining 24 are the 3 big rules expansions. Once all of those are done, if I can get them painted before the next wave of minis is released, I'm going to return to the MDF buildings and try a test to see if I can print exterior details for the commercial buildings like I did for the interior of the last house. This will help make up for my MDF-painting limitations, plus with the help of Paint Shop Pro I could really get in some details that I wouldn't be able to properly paint. But that's all for another time.

Here's the latest hobby spreadsheet update!

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