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Malifaux and Fallout


Today helps to show the epitome of painting things for games I don't play, as I have no idea about the rules for where either of these sets come from. First up is a group of 4 from Malifaux, because the guy with the hatchet looked like he would be fun to paint. And he was fun to paint! Ditto for the trio from Fallout.

Thanks to various sales over the years I've gotten a handful of sets from the Fallout game, yet never opened any. There was a recent sale of even more from the line which looked fun to paint, so I thought it was time to actually see about that before buying more. The Fallout minis are resin which needs some assembly, which is not my favorite combo. These minis are slightly larger (32mm) than most other things I paint (28-30mm). It's such a small difference I didn't think I would notice, but these had some nice detail that made me think that just having that little but larger scale might make a difference.

Having learned a little from Blood Bowl construction previously, I painted before gluing. Also having learned from Blood Bowl construction, I didn't get fancy with the paints used where parts would join, so that shades would match. The glue-points for some of these was a little weird - the guy holding the pistol with both hands had 1 arm, both hands, and the gun as 1 piece, while the other arm from shoulder to wrist was the matching piece. I was a little worried about things lining up, but I managed to get everything close enough (without gluing my hands to the resin).

After long runs of just cranking out minis this year, between alien zombies and Blood Bowlers, it was nice to just paint some random stuff. I'm not really sure what will get painted next, as the backlog of shrinkwrap needs a little organization to both see what all I've got, along with make things a little easier to get to/grab and paint.

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