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It's been a few weeks since the last hobby update. After focusing on buildings last time, I went back and opened up 4 Walking Dead boosters. This gave me 4 zombie and 8 regular folk to paint. I've learned that I really like washes and dry-brushing. Primer white with a blue wash gives a great denim look, so I tried washes on different base colors. Light colors work the best, so using a light tan with a dark brown wash, and light grey with a black wash was able to bring out some details and highlight on clothes. Skin tone has also been hard to nail down of late. For non-zombies, this batch got a pale flesh base and then a light skin tone wash (whatever Citadel calls it). So far I like it, but this is one of those things that I'll have to look at off and on for a while for my true feelings to come out.

My true focus on this batch was to pick out details and not get caught up in rushing through painting them as if I was on an assembly line. That's part of why it's been almost a month since the last hobby update :) Clothing details were the key I focused on. Shirt tails sticking out from under a sweater. Piping on shorts. The tied drawstring on those shorts! That last one I'm kind of proud of.

Glenn's baseball cap was a good test for detail. His NY Yankees hat has been done well by many. Thanks to a fine tipped pen that works on paint, I manage to get something close to NY pinstripes. The one problem with the pens I use is that the sealant will make the ink run, so when it came to sealing I sprayed lightly and from a distance. There was still a little running of some type - in the right light there's a slight, pink-ish hue to parts of his cap.

I'm still having fun painting minis. There's a batch of buildings I want to start on, but I may fit in a couple of regulat minis before then. Just to mix it up I think I'll grab some of the Reaper Chronoscape figures and take a break from the sanctioned Walking Dead minis.

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