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Things In The Way of Dead Walkers


Close to 3 weeks ago I moved on to working on the obstacle & loot pieces for the Walking Dead game, the game I've yet to play. I said that it would take a week to paint everything, but realistically it would take me 2 weeks.

3 weeks later, I'm roughly halfway done.

Keep in mind, this is something I'm doing for fun and when I'm in the mood to paint so I'm not forcing it. The problem I had wasn't so much motivation to get it all done, but mainly over the past couple of years everything I've painted is mostly organic - people, clothes, guns held by people. Tires, metal panels, and wooden walls are different enough to be hard. Frustratingly hard.

Those blasted walls with tires on 1 side were my bane. Nothing was working right on the first coat. Or the second. Brush streaks. Paint's too thick. Then the paint's too thin. Oh, now the details don't show up. How do I get paint in that nook and cranny without messing up everything around it I, for some reason decided it was smart, already painted?

As is my way when I mess up a paint job, I fiddle around trying out more things and hope something works. There was a lot of fiddling here. I finally got to the point I decided I was done fiddling, ie I ran out of ideas to try. At that point I went to my normal final cover-up phase: weathering.

It's also been a while since I pulled out the weathering pigments (looking back, about 3 years when I was working on a Dust walker). I'd forgotten a little, plus I didn't have any of the little applicators I'd used that worked so well. So once again, a little frustration on re-learning a step.

This batch is now sealed and done. It's not going to win any awards, but I think it looks better than "molded grey plastic". There's still 6 markers left - mostly boxes-o-stuff with more nooks and crannies. These will take patience and a steady hand, two things I'm not good at having at the same time. As such, it would normally take a week but I'll get it done in 2 - look for the update in 3 weeks :)

I'm not sure if I've put this here, but a big inspiration for wanting to do all of this prep work before even playing a game came from Beasts of War gaming tables that were set up for a Walking Dead event. The scenery is just gorgeous. While I'd seen some of the commercially available pieces before, seeing everything together just gave me a nerdgasm, especially the 4Ground buildings as they're PREPAINTED mdf buildings (painting mdf that you pay $30 for scares me).

Noble Knight Games carries some 4Ground stuff domestically both in their online store and eBay. Once you factor in international shipping and taxes from 4Ground, the Noble Knight - mostly known for their overpriced out of print inventory - has competetive prices. I discovered not to long ago that eBay will run a flash sale coupon about once/month where the coupon (usually $15 off $75) is good for a couple of hours in the early evening. There's normally a post by someone on Board Game Geek when this happens. The last time I paid attention I caught the notice the morning after the sale. I since trained myself to check the forums after work. Yesterday it paid off and the sale was live. I zipped over to eBay and decided to get 3 "Shotgun" houses. The 3 (A, B, and C) are styled a little differently. They're cheap enough, for the "good" quality that everyone brags about, that it should be a safe entry for me into their brand & mdf buildings in general. With 3 buildings I get enough to a little variation in whatever layout(s) I want to try.

It'll take just under 2 weeks for everything to get here, based on the last time I ordered from Noble Knight. Maybe that should be my target goal for finishing painting the other token/markers I've got? Even after those, I've got 4 blasted vehicles to paint - blasted because the first one I started on has not gone well so far. It doesn't sound like I'm having as much fun with this as I truly am. But I am.

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