2 More Houses With Garbage Pickup


After the failed attempts of the last blog I went back to the well with something I was confident I could do without too much trouble. I still had 2 4Ground Shotgun Houses on the shelf, along with some TTCombat clutter that I'd primed a while back. I'd made one of the Shotgun Houses before so my confidence was high!

Last time for the house interior I printed off some wallpaper textures. While that worked well enough, I wanted to try something a little better. I stopped by Home Depot and went to the home paint section... and got lots of paint sample cards. Instead of printing my own, why not try actual paint colors? Most of the cards had too much print on them to be usable, but the Behr sample cards were perfect. In fact, 1 card would cover the vaulted/arched ceiling end wall without any problem.

I still glued some transparency paper between the walls to act as window glass. It's so subtle you can't see it unless you're looking for it, but I like knowing it's there. One of the things I learned from my first go around was to cut the window openings after the paper has glued and dried. In addition, although it was easy to fold back the paper from openings and cut flush with a razor blade, folding back left a lot of white (internal) paper after the cut. Still cutting with a razor, but without folding and just trying to stay flush to the wall/opening helped cut back on that. It still seems to be an affect of cutting this way though.

There's only 1 thing I screwed up on the houses. Well, 1 that I've noticed so far. When gluing exterior doors into the frames, I stuck them so the exterior of the doors face inside. After doing this on the first house I was extra careful to not do the same thing for the second house. So careful that I did exactly the same thing, but this time with great care and precision. At least I got the right side of the roof facing out this time.

Shotgun House C had etched walls to look like paneling, so I eschewed covering them with paper and instead the the easy route of There That's Good Enough.

The TTCombat clutter came from a set of garbage (I honestly don't remember what it's called) and cmaping equipment. The garbage set I got for the wheeled garbage bins - my houses need scheduled garbage pickup! The camping set I picked up to pad my order for the coupon I had, plus I had some other camping bits that would fit with it if needed later on. There's post-accident motorcycle helmet that looks like it's supposed to still have a head in it. That should fit in well with my zombie apocalypse.

Next up. I'm not completely sure. I have 2 versions of water towers in progress, but I'm not feeling confident the end result will be keepable. The TTCombat convenience store or coffee shop are the next buildings in the queue. A few Reaper Chronoscape minis will likely get primed by the weekend for when the painting mood strikes. There's also that 3D printer still waiting to be unboxed.

There's also been an addition to the mini painting backlog.

Adding in 32 Trek figures, for a game I likely won't play AND won't fit into any other game, isn't the smartest thing to do. Smart hasn't been something I'm oft accused of when it comes to either spending money or (not) get minis/toys/games.

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