More Studio Miniatures


Lots of puttering around since my last post. While I was mostly working on each of these one at a time, I would mess up something on one and decide to make progress on another. It ended up the bases were all ready for whatever I was going to wrap things up with around the same time, thus making it look like once again I was working on a batch of 6 minis at the same time - for the past month.

These are also from the Studio Miniatures order that Chuck came from. My new thing to try this time - 5 o'clock shadows. Overall they turned out better than I expected but not as good as I had hoped. For my first time trying it out, I'd say it's acceptable.

My major screw up came in with my John Wick skin color. Somehow I added a shade or wash along the way that turned him overly orange. I didn't want to start over so I tried to save what I had, but he still is more on the orange side of the spectrum than I'd like. Roddy's blue shirt that he ended up with is the 3rd attempt/coat for trying to do a plaid pattern. On attempt 1 my lines were too thick. On attempt 2 lines bled into each other and weren't lines at all. Attempt 3 isn't as crisp as I would have liked, but from 6 ft away it looks ok. I should have taken the picture from 6 ft away...

I have a list of structures to work on, along with some old fashioned plastic models. I have no idea who the next batch of figures will end up being for those times I get the urge to work on something for 10 min. So many options to prep for when the mood strikes!

gaming miniatures studio miniatures

Charles Noreese


Today's update is another bit of a change from normal posts. Instead of a whole batch of minis showing up painted, there's one. The Not Chuck Norris from Studio Miniatures. While I had primed a batch of minis when working on the last mall update, I decided it was time to focus on just 1 mini instead of cranking out a batch since I haven't been overly pleased with my last few painting attempts. Chuck made it to the front to get painted, mainly because there weren't any hard to reach spots on the mini, and thanks to the painted pic on the Studio Miniatures site I wouldn't have to pick colors myself.

Using the reference pic worked well. Granted, my paint job isn't nearly as good as what the pros make (my pockets lack stitching) but looking at my version next to the pro version... not bad.

gaming miniatures studio miniatures

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