Thursday morning I awoke from not just a dream, but a series of dreams. In fact, I kept going back to sleep to find out what would happen next. Much like my dream of the one-eyed monster, this doesn't make a lick of sense.

After that I couldn't force myself back to sleep anymore. Now to go over the fun stuff!

Dream 1: "Poot" Smith? Of everything above, the part that's stuck in my head the most has been 1940's newspaper reporter "Poot" Smith. I've got nothing there.

Dream 2: I don't know the last time I wore pajamas, much less pajama bottoms. I'm pretty sure the last time I managed a jog was 1985. Plumbers crack happens more often than I want to admit.

Dream 3: The house was really one some friends of Mom and Dad had in St Florian. From what I remember it was hex-sided and at least 3 stories, out in the woods near either a lake or a river. I would have been around 4th grade age, so I don't remember much else except it was a neat looking house.

Dream 4: The woman hooked up to the dialysis machine was very reminiscent of one of the ladies I worked with at Humana in the Pharmacy.

None of this explains where the parts of my dream came from, just that all the parts are wierd. Like me, I guess.

So, until next time, "Adirondack!"


Virtual Dreamscapes Revisited


I've spoken before about a city that's managed to stay fairly persistent in my dreams for quite a few years now. There are certain areas that pop up consistently - a long hill leading to a bridge to a peninsula that I want to think is Guntersville. An amalgam of buildings that are, in my dream, Birmingham-Southern College. These buildings are connected underground by an catacomb of air ducts and crawl spaces that somehow only I have ever discovered, plus I can fit! There is a residential section along a steep hill which causes car engines to whine and almost stall before reaching the top. There is the home of my first job, Humana Hospital, with the elevator supported by heavy gauge chain that starts to snap every time I get on the elevator.

It's been a while since I had a dream take place in my little persistent dream world - which thanks to Jer I've taken to calling New Vertiform City. It's been nice to not dream of that place. For many years I was stuck getting on the elevator at the hospital and having to jump off at the last minute before the bottom of the elevator snapped loose from the chains holding it. I would also be stuck in the catacombs of the buildings at BSC trying to get to a part of the library that was inaccessible through any other path. Who would design a library that way? It may have been stress that would induce a dream here, because the dreams were always stressful. Maybe that means the past few years have been less stressful?

Last night I had a dream, a vivid dream. In my dream, I was in front of the house of a couple of friends who had just gotten a new 2-seater convertible sports car - it's not a car I would recognize now that I'm awake, so just imagine a generic 2 seater convertible. The friends aren't anyone I would recognize, other than a husband and wife (that I don't really know). I saw the car and said "Wow, a convertible! I love convertibles! You've got to let me drive!" At this point the 3 of us comfortably got into the front 2 seats of the 2-seater convertible sports car. I backed out of the driveway, and it started raining.

Through the magic of dreamtime, the top was instantly back up on the car. Since it was a 2-seater, and there were 3 of us in the car, I found that my upper torso and head were sticking out of the drivers side window. But that was ok, I could still drive. And evidently we were all still comfortable. The rain had become an intermittent sprinkle, so I continued to drive down the street.

At the end of the street there was a stop sign, and the street intersected with another street. As I stopped I saw 2 women in summer dresses crossing the street, but both were holding their arms across their bodies as if they were naked and trying to cover everything up. While stopped at the stop sign I noticed that both women were drenched, probably from the rain that had made me put the top up on the car. I bet they're covering themselves because the rain has made their dresses cling to them like a wet t-shirt contest! Being me, I hung a left at the stop sign and started following the 2 women.

We had nary travelled a block before I was reminded that were weren't supposed to be going down this street, we were supposed to turn left. In my dream, this made perfect sense,so I turned left. I suddenly found myself faced with a steep hill in a residential section. I remembered this place! It was the residential section on the hill! Evidently I knew where we were going. My dream then skipped to us pulling in front of a house in a row at the top of the hill - I guess once I knew where we were I could skip the part on how to get there. We walked into a house that had a huge, garage type opening for a front door smack dab in the middle of the front of the house. as we went in, 2 skateboarders came out, doing tricks, flipping their skateboards up and riding along the wall. As we went back toward the back of the house, I saw the people huddled about (which is all I remember now) and thought "we don't need to be here". At this point I turned a corner and saw a room with a large fire door bolted shut, with a "do not enter" sign attached. I looked at the door and suddenly realized that this was on of the doors into the catacombs and passageways of BSC that led to the library. I knew where I was, plus how to get somewhere else! I never knew these 2 places were connected.

With this realization I woke up. I woke up and laughed. Somehow I've managed to connect the geography of my dreams. I really hope this is something that sane people do.


Winter Storm 2006


I awoke early this morning, due in part to a freaky dream involving newborns and a Rubbermaid container with 4 snakes in it, but the two had nothing to do with each other, and it's really a story best left for some other day. After an hour of not being able to go back to sleep, I finally turned on the tv to find that Morgan County was under a winter weather alert. I tuned in to our local "the sky is falling" weather experts, and saw that they were predicting a frosting of snow for the early daylight hours. I managed to fall back asleep soon thereafter and fitfully finished a couple hours of light dozing.

Upon awaking (for real) to the dulcet tones of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I clicked on the tv to see what was going on outside. It sounds odd, but I keep my windows well covered so it's much easier to turn on the tv than to open a door or peek through a curtain. The local "sky is falling, etc." weather reporters had their "Winter Storm 2006" graphic up. And the top story: There was no snow.

I would bet that at least 350 days of the year, we get no snow. Today, it was the top story.

That had people out in the field in Decatur. There was a slight drizzle, but no snow. In fact, it was 40° in Decatur. But no snow. They went on for a good 4 or 5 minutes about how there was no snow.

I can see it now at the end of March when the temperature suddenly rockets up to 70°: Heatwave 2006.

Oh, the #2 story this morning: VP Dick Cheney was coming to Priceville for an invitation only fund raiser. A visit from Cheney beat out by "No Snow".

dreams rambling random

One Eyed Monster - The Dream...?


One morning last week I woke myself up laughing. Evidently I managed to have a dream that I thought was hilarious. The details of the dream are enough to either make you agree or sign a petition to send me off to therapy.

The first thing in my dream was a monster. Not a normal monster, but only one I could invent. First, take one of the Pokemon red and white balls. In place of the button that opens the ball, put a blue eyeball. There we have the head of my monster: actual size. Next dress the monster in an oversized, turtleneck, ratty old sweater, where you can't actually see any arms, legs, or body. There you have my dream monster. The voice of the monster was being supplied by Ron Livingston, best known in the nerd world as Peter Gibbons in Office Space

In my dream, the monster was trying to escape my grasp as we were waiting in an office. It seems that someone in the office was trying to sell us on the idea of putting the monster in its own reality series. The monster kept yelling "No! No! Never!" but I would look down at it and say "But you have to be in it. You're the star! The show's called The One Eyed Monster!"

I should have woken up then, but no. The monster managed to escape to one of the bathroom stalls that lined one of the office walls (oh, like that even makes sense). I fought to get the door open, until the little bugger dashed out the bottom, went out an open window, and jumped on a bus that was passing by. I couldn't get through the window to give chase, so I stood there, arm raised against the window, yelling "but you are the one eyed monster-r-r-r-r!"

That's when the laughing started enough to wake me up.

Analyze it all you want, there's a field day of hidden meanings in there. Why was I holding the one eyed monster? Why did it get away (do I have no control?)? Where did it go? Why was there a line of bathroom stalls in an office? Can I kill my own brother (brother?... brother...?)?


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