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Thanks to annual company shutdown enforced PTO, I found myself both with some open time and in the right mood to finish up the Water Tower and Hulkbuster from last week's post. And by finish up, I reached the point where I could only see things going downhill if I kept trying things.

The water tower was not supposed to be completely rusted. I started with a light Vallejo rust wash in spots on the top. The wash really showed brush strokes too much. For some reason, I thought of applying the wash to the entire thing, and that didn't make anything better. For a cover up, I had some Rustoleum hammered copper spray paint. That's not a color that any water tower has ever been seen, you might say. But, if the metallic sheen is toned down to a matte finish - more rust! Hopefully evenly coated, non-brush stroke showing rust. And it does look that way! At least to me, it does. Add in some dark rust/orange/brown more-rusted spots and you've got a water tower you wouldn't want to drink any water out of. The legs got a silver base coat and then a mix of random Nuln Oil and Rust washes, and some Typhus Corrosion spotted on the base as well as a cou0le of random spots on the tower itself. There were more parts included in the kit for the tower - a ladder, some cross wire supports for the legs, but I left them off for potential better miniature game play-ability.

Hulkbuster is one I just gave up on. I was using Army Painter metallics on top of a black base coat, and I just could not get even coverage brushed on. Sometimes it was going on too thick (like nail polish) and smearing around. Other times, too thin and just not covering anything. There's still black primer showing in spots, but hopefully that'll look like dark recesses and not unpainted parts. I think using the metallics with a matching base color would work better for me. Alternately, I could follow the video that used a metallic silver base and then contrast paints on top.

With the start of a new year, I have a couple of hobby goals I'm working on for the year. One of which is to work on more scenery (like the water tower) along with my randomly primed minis. Maybe not with every batch, but I'd like to find a good rhythm to work them in as I've got a closet full of buildings and vehicles sitting unmade.

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