Blood Bowl Part 3 (maybe 2.5)


Quick post to wrap up the Khorne Blood Bowl team, as I finished up the balls and turn marker/tokens. I think that's what they are. One of the balls was lost during priming - never to be seen amongst the river rock/pebbles it fell amongst. It was like Games Workshop knew this might happen and thus cast multiples in the kit.

Blood Bowl gaming miniatures

Blood Bowl Part 2


I stuck to what I said in my last post and actually finished touching up the glossy bits on the Blood Bowl team! And it took less time than I had originally feared.

With glossy metal parts and battle blood splatter applied sparingly, I now proclaim this Blood Bowl team ready for blood bowling. There's still some secondary pieces I've got to ready - like a ball or three - but those are more along the lines of whipping out for fun as opposed to cranking through a team. At least that's my approach.

Next up will be something random which doesn't constitute a lot of similarly painted minis. Considering my year has been made up of this Blood Bowl team and a whole lot of alien zombies, I have a desire to not paint the same colors in mostly the same places over and over again. It might be time to do another terrain/building piece?

Blood Bowl gaming miniatures

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