Zombicide Invader: 3-Guy 2-Guns


A continuation of my Zombicide Invader Good Guys (I think) progress, as 2 gun thingies and 3 people thingies get checked off.

I really needed some color choice help on the guns. Even looking at what other people have painted, I didn't find a combination that I liked and thought I could pull off. As it is, I stuck with some simple colors hoping to not make things look too cartoonish, while still trying to keep the metallic look to things. I'd give myself a solid C on those.

For the trio of people, I found a black with red lining color scheme I liked for the clothes, and I had fun trying that out. I've done some similar things in the past, but this was the first time I went into with forethought and took into account not just she colors and shadows, but also the nooks and crannies where I was going to put the wrong color of paint while trying to get to another part. These turned into a weird balance of good and bad discoveries. I'm not sure what I did different than normal, but the skin was splotchy. For the (outer) black coats, I used a purple wash to try and bring out some shadowy highlights. That's a trick I picked up from all of the Batman cape painters on YouTube. For a first attempt at it.... not too bad.

I seem to take horrible pictures of minis with a gloss seal. Picture-wise the details seem to be covered up on these, but with a naked eye they're not that bad. or maybe I have a forgiving eye?

gaming miniatures Zombicide Invader

Zombicide Invader: The Return


After mechs last time I find myself returning to Zombicide Invader, but this time going the opposite direction of alien zombos and instead sticking to the mech-like blockiness afforded by gun emplacements wielded by robots.

Yet again I still have no idea about the rules that go with what I'm painting, but all that can come later and would just get in the way now!

I still have the goal of getting Zombicide Invader painted and ready for a potential game with Jer and Keith by the end of the year. All of the alien zombos are painted. All that's left is 28 non-alien zombos. I would say good guys, but those unread rules could come back to haunt me.

I picked the biggest things remaining to paint first. Some evil looking robot thingies, with guns and pointy bits. Like the Battletech mechs from last time, I didn't want to go too colorful to keep things from looking cartoonish. This also ended up being discovering that I really like Citadel Necron Compound for a metallic drybrush. For most of these I just primed grey, Nuln Oil wash, Necron drybrush, and then picked out some details to colorize. After the fact I might need to use some gloss coat to make the metallic parts stand out better, but I kind of like the dull look right now.

4 down, 24 to go.

gaming miniatures Zombicide Invader

The Final Trio


It appears that painting 3 alien zombos takes a lot less time than painting 20.

The final 3 baddies from Zombicide Invader are done! 130. Done. Maybe not the prettiest, but done.

Although I painted this mold/pose previously, I wanted to try out a little of what I had learned over the past couple of months. My meaty-muscle paint scheme came back in. There was another Color Shift color I wanted to try out - Solar Anomaly, which kind of looks like glittery pale pink nail polish when you first apply it. For each iteration of these beasts I've had a hard time mentally differentiating between bone and armor, so I leaned toward more bone bits this time.

In the end, these 3 were more colorful than their predecessors. Maybe even on the verge of gaudy, but that's also when I remember that the purpose of painting all of these was to test out some color combinations and techniques, which "don't do that again" is valid. Gaudy, but good enough for an alien monstrosity.

Now on to the 40K minis I was going to tackle next. After the pin vise arrives. Magnetic foreshadowing!

gaming miniatures Zombicide Invader

The Biggest Batch of Alien Zombies


In Feb I posted my first progress on Zombicide Invader. My intentions were (1) to use it as a paint test for some techniques to use on the (movie) Aliens I'd picked up, and (2) paint an "army" since it looked like a game Jerry and Keith might also enjoy. 127 Alien Zombos later I (1) finally tried out one of those painting things I aimed to attempt, and (2) know that I should never attempt to paint an army, especially if I'm making up my own color schemes.

My bane for this project over the last 3 months has been color choice(s). I do ok if I have a template or a picture to use as a reference. For the Zombicide pics, I was painting nothing similar to anything I found online. After all, these were practice for something else which I was wanting to hone up my skills and do a specific thing. I've never had much of an eye for non-human figures, and here I learned that it took a couple of batches of priming and painting details to discover what some of those details might be - muscle? skin? armor? other?

I got a little side tracked from my Aliens start to trying to get meaty-muscle colored right. I came close, and then would veer away. Muscle is red, with white strands of tendon and fat running through it. An easy concept to say, not so easy to pull off, especially without going through multiple layers of shading and highlights. I finally gave in that alien muscle is not red.

My final formula for the basic color scheme finally came together well enough that I'm not frustrated with the end result.

And that was the majority of my painting for the 20-odd minis that I cranked out. The only reason I ended up working on so many at once is that I would dollop some paint into a pallet (old fashioned, scoops to hold paint) and wanted to use what I had before it dried out. That's also why there's 3 Alien Zombos left to paint - pallet ran dry before I got to them.

There was 1 last trick I finally got around to trying out. On the more cockroach looking aliens, I added some (Green Stuff World) Color Shift paint. This is the paint I wanted to test for (movie) Aliens use, albeit a different color. It was a good test, as I learned you really have to glob this stuff on to get the color shifting effect. Globbing on works well for smooth surfaces, but not so much for intricate or detailed areas. It also looks a little weird when sealed with matte varnish - kind of an old, tarnished metal, but a follow up layer of gloss shines it all up.

There are still 30 minis left for Zombicide Invader - 3 aliens, 27 hero/human/robot thingies. I'm planning to take a little break and switch over to some prep work for Blood Bowl, which Jerry and I have been threatening to get in to. Jer's even purchased the base set, which has set the virtual pun-laden ball in motion.

gaming miniatures Zombicide Invader

Glossy Alien Zombies


Let's speed paint the whole Zombicide alien game, I said. It'll go quick, I said. It's all basically the same.

3 months later....

Ok, more xenomorph monster zombies painted. This time there was a better tweak to meaty flash - Citadel Pink Horror (plus glaze medium) atop a grey primer seems to work. I added Citadel's crimson wash, which after the fact makes is all too dark & purple. To try to give the meat a wet look and armory-bits a hard/metal look, I added a gloss sealant instead of my normal matte. And boy is it glossy.

Close up, well, these don't look too good. These are definitely table-top quality. Far, far away table-top. I'm not sure why I'm consistently having a hard time getting a decent paint job on the minis for this game.

I keep all of my minis in Feldherr boxes. There still 31 aliens left to paint after this batch, and I think everything might fit into 1 box.

Along the way has also been some desk optimization. All of my art/hobby pens and brushes are now easily accessible and not as easily forgotten. I came across 22 paint brushes that were still affixed to their Hobby Lobby hanging-cards. I've also got a spot for sanding sticks so that I won't keep forgetting that I have them. All of this is thanks to a new desk I got from Amazon that features an extra 10" of desktop length, plus it's 24" deep instead of 21". I'm much more excited about the desk/layout than getting these minis painted.

Zombicide Invader

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