BattleTech: Miniature Force Pack - Clan Support Star


On a recent trip to Nashville, I tricked my good close personal friend Charles G into purchasing a Battletech game. For my goading, I agreed to get a support team for him to quash should the need ever arise to do battle. Also, it's been a while since I painted something that didn't have eyes.

I picked up the BattleTech: Miniature Force Pack - Clan Support Star, and I have no idea what that means in terms of game play. I have a copy of the rules.. from the 90's. I'm not sure I even read the rules in the 90's. But that's not the point of this. This is a game in which my good close personal friend Charles G has always enjoyed the background and history - kind of like Warhammer 40K. This was an excuse to buy some toys and read some stuff under the guise of "yeah, we'll play that"; which we actually might.

I went fairly simple on the paint job, as too many colors would look overly cartoonish, and I came across some paint jobs online that lost the scale for the mechs and started to look like man-sized powered armor. Vallejo Olive Drab for the base coat. Each mech got a different green-based contrast paint for some highlights/panel and parts differences. I had fun trying to add in the plasma-green for energy weapons (I think it worked). Sky Blue for windows and canopies still works well, although adding it a drop at a time to get color coverage while not overlapping non-windowed details took a steadier hand than I thought I had. I found some Citadel Nechron Dry "compound", as it didn't claim to be paint. I honestly thought it was dried up paint, but when I dragged the brush across it, it had a rubbery bounce-back to it. It had a nice metallic look so I thought I would give it a try at drybrushing instead of the tried and true Use Too Much Paint/Try To Find The Sweet Spot/Now I Need More Paint method. I've got to say, while the first swipe was a little heavier than I generally wanted, after that it was a really goo drybrush. I don't care for the pots they're in, but I'm finding more and more Citadel paints (and paint adjacent) that I like.

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