Winter Storm 2006


I awoke early this morning, due in part to a freaky dream involving newborns and a Rubbermaid container with 4 snakes in it, but the two had nothing to do with each other, and it's really a story best left for some other day. After an hour of not being able to go back to sleep, I finally turned on the tv to find that Morgan County was under a winter weather alert. I tuned in to our local "the sky is falling" weather experts, and saw that they were predicting a frosting of snow for the early daylight hours. I managed to fall back asleep soon thereafter and fitfully finished a couple hours of light dozing.

Upon awaking (for real) to the dulcet tones of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I clicked on the tv to see what was going on outside. It sounds odd, but I keep my windows well covered so it's much easier to turn on the tv than to open a door or peek through a curtain. The local "sky is falling, etc." weather reporters had their "Winter Storm 2006" graphic up. And the top story: There was no snow.

I would bet that at least 350 days of the year, we get no snow. Today, it was the top story.

That had people out in the field in Decatur. There was a slight drizzle, but no snow. In fact, it was 40° in Decatur. But no snow. They went on for a good 4 or 5 minutes about how there was no snow.

I can see it now at the end of March when the temperature suddenly rockets up to 70°: Heatwave 2006.

Oh, the #2 story this morning: VP Dick Cheney was coming to Priceville for an invitation only fund raiser. A visit from Cheney beat out by "No Snow".

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One Of Those Days


I left for work a little early this morning (well, early for me). I was going to work at the downtown office and was planning on parking at the city parking garage 2 blocks away instead of trying to remember to run out to the parking meter every 2 hours to shove a dollars worth of change in. After getting stuck behind some people way too serious about driving just under the speed limit on 2 lane roads, I made it to the parking garage where I found myself getting the first available spot... on the roof.

As I started to walk the 2 blocks to the office, the light sprinkle tried to turn into a heavy sprinkle, so I picked up my pace. I figured that walking at home along with karate were paying off, because my bag bag didn't feel as heavy and I wasn't breathing as hard. I make it inside the office, open my bag, and promptly find I left my computer on the kitchen table (no wonder the bag felt lighter). Since important work was on said computer, I needed to go back home to get it.

I left the office and walked the 2 blocks back to the parking garage in what had now been upgraded to a shower from the sprinkle earlier. I left the garage, paying my 25 parking fee, and began the 30 minute journey home. I made it home without incident, got the computer, and drove another 30 minutes back to work, this time deciding I would rather shove a dollar in the meter every 2 hours instead of walking 2 blocks and traversing 5 levels of parking garage.

Today is Dad's 60th birthday. Maybe 59, but I'm thinking 60. I sure hope his day is going better than mine.


Stickin' It 2 Da Man


A couple of weeks ago I bemoaned the rising price of stamps and my lack of knowledge beforehand. Like many people, I've got a cache of stamps that are no longer first-class valued. I came across said cache last week, and now I'm doing something I hardly ever have not only not done, but rarely ever thought about.

I'm using the old stamps.

I've got 37 stamps. I've got 1 stamps. I've even got 33 stamps, and I've got no idea how old those things are.

This morning I had 7 parcels to mail out. All bills, because that's really the only thing I stick in the mail these days. Between the different denominations of stamps needed to acheive the now magical number of 39 per parcel, I ended up using 33 stamps. Quite a feat, I believe.

After that cleansing of the old stamps, I've still got a couple of 33 and about 5 37 stamps left. Now I'm going to have to go to the post office and stock up on 1 stamps. Or maybe even 2 stamps. But if I'm going tot he post office, I might as well buy new 39 stamps. That's what usually happens. Then I'm stuck with the old stamps again. Just when I think I've got it figured out, they stick it back to me.


The Martial Art: Kicking My Butt


In December I became a green belt. That means a couple of things in reality:

I've been trying to go to the intermediate/advanced night class once a week in addition to the 2 lunch time classes I attend. Out of the 3 night classes I've intended to go to, I've made it to 1. I'm going to try and do better and go to tonight's class, but after the afternoon class it's going to take some effort.

Because I'm sore.

Today was "let's kick and punch a whole lot." I try not to complain, it's good exercise, and exercise is why I'm there. I ended up doing 25 kicks per leg of 4 different types of kicks (so 100 kicks per leg total). After that, my thighs and hamstrings could really feel the burn. Lots of burning. Luckily, it was a good burning. This was followed by some punching, which doesn't wear me out as much, except now that I have to pay attention to my I have to bend and twist more. It adds more power, but it helps to wear me out faster.

After a year, I still like karate. I like the physicallness (or is it the physicality?). I like to punch and see somebody half my weight go stumbling back. There are moves I can't do, whether because my body doesn't want to work that way (there's a choke hold from behind that I can't get down low enough on my victim before rolling them backwards onto me without feeling like I'm pulling said victims head off) or I'm just not limber enough yet. But it's still good exercise. More fun than lifting weights or straight aerobics. Plus I get to wrestle every once in a while!

But for now I wish I could stand up without grunting like an old man.


Old Man Poplin Jr


Today marks Jerry's 37th birthday. Yes, he's old. Happy birthday, old man!

We also decided today at lunch that after 22 years, our friendship could go no further. There was no pinnacle of friendship left to acheive. So with that, we are now mortal enemies.

Yes, here on the interweb I will strive to tear down the man that has befriended me for over 2 decades. Shouldn't be hard since I've got 22 years worth of dirt on him. So, fear me Old Man Poplin Jr! I am your bane!

But I hope I can still visit and play with the collies.

As an aside, this is the same picture of Jer I used in last years birthday post. Now that we are mortal enemies, the picture seems to fit even more. Bwaaa haaaa haaa!

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